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EMDP had a very candid conversation about the future of media with Egypt’s top comedian Bassem Youssef on the eve of his new live show. 

We met Bassem Youssef  two weeks before the premier of the second season of his show Al Bernameg.  He was sitting alone in an empty room on the top floor of a villa in Zamalek.  He greeted us warmly, and we started by asking him about the difference between being a YouTube phenomenon and a satellite TV star


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But that wasn’t all. Bassem then delved into the concept of “more complex jokes”…


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And how you have to be different from the current crop of talk shows

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Then he said, “My audience is increasing but the people who like me are decreasing…”


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He talked about the fact that he is “still an outsider…”


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When he did the Youtube stuff, he “was the only amateur…”


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We asked him who the next Bassem might be… This is what he said…


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He talked about citizen journalists being swayed to soften opinions after attacks…


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He had a few choice words for journalists who get their news from twitter


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Inviting John Stewart to the show


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The show will have English subtitles


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Show airs Fridays on CBC, filmed 2 days earlier


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There’s an internet based ticket system


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So to sum up, anyone in the media industry can learn a lot from YouTube stars like Bassem Youssef, and from posts like this.


Interview conducted by Tarek Atia, EMDP and Howard Finberg and Bill Mitchell, Poynter Institute


Directed by Ahmed Montasser, EMDP


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