EMDP (Egypt Media Development Program) - A world-class Egyptian media company with a focus on innovation across all of its business lines.


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EMDP Mission

“Media is changing at such a rapid pace that a lot of professionals in the field are finding themselves unable to adapt to new realities. The reality, however, is that if they do not adapt, they will soon become irrelevant. The audience is not going to wait for them. They are either going to migrate to the kinds of media that are keeping up with the times, or begin to make their own media. EMDP recognizes this shift and is working with both traditional and new media players to help shape the emerging media landscape through our interventions in the fields of media production  and training,” Tarek Atia, EMDP Founder.

EMDP’s position is at the intersection of traditional print, broadcast, web, mobile, social and citizen media. Playing a unique bridge building role between global and local media entities and professionals, EMDP is in a very unique and powerful position to capture and lead emerging market opportunities in media training and production.

EMDP Vision

EMDP is a market leader in media production, consulting, events and training, guiding media professionals and the general public through the rapidly changing media ecosystem globally, regionally and locally. The focus on high-quality hyper local journalism and highly relevant online content curation and creation goes far beyond what other media players in the region a reproducing. EMDP also helps non-media professionals understand and become a part of the media ecosystem.

  • As a producer of high-quality media, EMDP owns and operates ground-breaking products in both the print and digital media spheres.
  • In the field of media training and consulting, EMDP is a market leader, having built the capacities of nearly 6,000 media professionals and dozens of media organizations across the region since 2006.
  • As an organizer of media industry events, EMDP has been the premier local partner for international organizations and a bridge to knowledge sharing and global best practices.
  • EMDP also helps non media companies understand the media and build better communication tools and content.

EMDP is located in the heart of downtown Cairo, Egypt, which continues to be the beating heart of the overall Arab media landscape. Major media organizations like Al-Ahram, Akhbar Al-Youm, Al-Gomhoria, Al-Masry Al -Youm, ERTU and the Press Syndicate are within walking distance of EMDP’s headquarters. EMDP has also created an attractive space where media professionals can feel at home. Being in the core of downtown helps EMDP stay ahead of the curve as it works with media companies and media professionals to understand and improve their training and consulting needs.

We at EMDP believe in a hands on approach to media development. From our office in Downtown Cairo and in conjunction with various media organizations around the world, we engage with the media community. As a result, we have witnessed the birth of some amazing ideas and the transformation of journalists all across Egypt. This is the story of an industry changing, and the people who are changing with it.

Different coverages for EMDP in local and international media

International Forum for Media innovation, Cairo – February 2013

Alyuam Suadi newspaper
Tahrir, Egyptian newspaper
Alyoum Elsabee
Wall news
IPI News

Our clients are media companies around the world that are aiming to improve their editorial and managerial skills.

Previous and current clients include:

  • 25 TV, Egypt
  • Cairolive.com, Egypt
  • Zahma.com, Egypt
  • Shrinkingglobe.com, Egypt
  • Swedish Institute of Alexandria, Egypt
  • Al Yaum Media Company, Saudi Arabia
  • Global Editors network, France
  • Gallo Multimedia, Czech Republic
  • Media in Cooperation and Transition (MCIT), Germany